Why learn Spanish at an early age?

It will come as no surprise to adults who have struggled through second language learning that children have a natural ability. They have the gift of mimicry, picking up accents effortlessly and retaining vocabulary without being aware that they are doing so. Learning another language can improve children's self esteem, enrich and enhancing their own vocabulary and improve their I.Q.

It gives them better opportunities to understand and explore the world. What more could you want for your children?

If you want tap into this natural affinity and capitalise on this opportunity to learn effortlessly contact us.

What is available for children?

El Castillo run courses which follow school terms (usually around 7 week blocks). These are once a week and last for 45 minutes. They have a strong emphasis on speaking and listening and are designed to be as entertaining and fun as possible. Language is taught through games and songs and the children will find the lessons engaging and motivating. The teacher adds another dimension to the lessons by teaching alongside su amigo "Carlos" a puppet who not only provides the children with great entertainment but a hidden tool for improved learning.

The children are usually grouped together by age (4-7 and 8-12).