About El Castillo

El Castillo was established in 2007 to offer a professional service throughout Central Scotland. We offer an inspiring service to clients old and new for anybody who wants to learn Spanish.

Why El Castillo? As in Scotland, Spain is also famous for its castles and we would like to think that our castle is a safe and secure place to learn the Spanish language in our community. At El Castillo our experienced Spanish teachers believe in our ethos that learning should be fun and enjoyable.

Our classes are made up of small groups (maximum 12 people). This allows for increased interaction between teacher and student who will receive individual attention for pronunciation and everyday conversation. You will also feel more comfortable in asking questions, respond more frequently, and receive more corrective feedback.

What is unique about El Castillo?

  • Groups are small and intimate, creating the most productive environment for learning with our unique teaching style.
  • Classes are tailored to suit the needs of the student and the different ways in which they learn best.
  • We offer a combination of expertise. Our native Spanish teachers have a wealth of experience and our primary teacher's educational background offers varied teaching experiences and a thorough understanding of how children learn best.
  • We emphasise on speaking and listening skills, which are the most useful and practical aspects of language learning.