Course content

Our Spanish courses are highly personalised and designed to improve your Spanish communication skills. Either in our classroom-based teaching or private sessions the lesson content and materials will all help you learn Spanish in a context that is relevant to your job or career. Whether beginner, survival, intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in all our Spanish courses include:

  • Spoken fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Pronunciation and accent
  • Reading skills
  • Sector-specific terminology

The Spanish courses are organised into three levels: Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced. Each level consists of three courses. If you have already some knowledge of Spanish then an interview and a placement exam will indicate the most appropriate course according to your knowledge.

After completing the tree-level program or if you are proficient in the spoken and written Spanish you can attend our Improvers course. This course will enable you to further expand your oral, aural and written language skills.

The Improvers course covers a wide range of topics and the study of a variety of literary genres, such as: short story, fables, newspapers, letters, poetry, drama and the novel. You will also be using authentic materials from various quality Spanish newspapers and magazines, video documentaries and audio tapes relating to current affairs and the media. It is hoped that students in this course can read critically, think analytically and express themselves clearly; both orally and in writing.

What our students think:

“I am now on the Beginners II class with Noe at El Castillo, and I have found the learning methods to be very effective. Having attempted to learn Spanish before through a very grammatically based programme, I find El Castillo’s approach much more refreshing and rewarding. Within a few weeks I was able to build basic sentences and begin to hold some short conversations. Noe’s approach to teaching Spanish is focused on achieving a real grasp of the language by each student and not about rushing the group through a course regardless of understanding.” -Mark Dewhurst, Beginner student

“I have been going to classes at El Castillo for eight months now and I am very pleased with the progress i have made to date! The classes are well structured and offer a good split between practical speaking practice and text based lecturing. The tutor is friendly, helpful and frequently offers additional help either by email or catch-up classes should you require it or be unable to attend a lesson............Muy Bien!!” -Robin Hyslop, Intermediate student

“I would just like to say that I am really enjoying the course. The classes are quite small and friendly and we have gradually built up our knowledge of Spanish through doing the exercises in class and the homework. There is also revision of things we have done previously. It is difficult to learn a new language but I think this method makes it easier. It is particularly useful to have the opportunity of a catch up session if you miss a class”-Intermediate student.

“El Castillo is a great place to lean Spanish for the first time or to continue using Spanish if you have stopped. My favourite aspect of this particular course is that the professor is very patience and encouraging, never chiding a student for not knowing a word or grammatical rule. It creates a learning environment that is fun, relaxed, friendly and conducive to learning”. -Tara Warden, Intermediate Student.

“I have had both private and group lessons from El Castillo and have found both to be excellent in terms of content and value for money. The classes really are tailored to suit your level of Spanish and the teaching is done in a professional and structured manner, but also in a relaxed and enjoyable way. My Spanish has really improved since taking lessons with El Castillo and I look forward to my weekly class! “ -Lindsey Bruton, Advanced Student.